‘Whilst coronavirus does not discriminate, we have all seen that its impact and responses do’

Date: 10/12/2020

Today, 10 December 2020 is Human Rights Day.

Learning Disability England have joined over 110 other organisations to sign an Open Letter to the Prime Minister and political leaders.

The open letter highlights the extraordinary events of 2020, and in particular the pandemic.

The letter says “too many people have suffered disproportionately, including BAME communities, older people, disabled people, children, women, carers and more.”

The letter urges political leaders to respond proportionately to Covid-19, protect people’s rights and the rule of law, and to stand by the Human Rights Act.

It comes in the same week as the government announces an independent review of the Human Rights act.

The Open Letter says: “human rights must not be an afterthought in times of crisis; human rights were born of disaster and must guide the Covid-19 response and recovery”.

You can read the Open Letter here

You can find out more about the letter and Human Rights Day on the British Institute of Human Rights (BIHR)’s website here