Living with another family: Shared Lives Schemes

In a Shared Lives scheme, you would live with a host family who have been checked to make sure they are trustworthy. You would share family life and live with, or near to, the host family. The family gives you support and care. This can either be a short- or long-term arrangement.

If the council pays for your support, this would be organised by an Adult Social Care team, Social Worker or Care Manager. If you pay for your support, or you have a personal budget, you or someone who supports you might be able to organise it.

Each Shared Lives Scheme will have a person who makes sure that you are matched with a host family that is right for you. You would have a chance to meet them first and usually have a trial stay before deciding if you want to go ahead.

You can find out more about Shared Lives at:

Rachel Turner speaks about her experience of Shared Lives schemes in this video: