What can help you move


Some families use a Discretionary Trust as a way for owning and managing of the home if they buy it for their relative.

The situation on paying rent is complicated but it may also be possible to claim Housing Benefit to help pay for the rent. Trustees will need to make arrangements, and pay, for repairs and maintenance.

Some families decide to buy a property and hold it in a trust because it gives their relative somewhere to live.

Mencap have information on setting up Trusts when buying a house:


Whatever the reason you want to move it is important to think about what matters to you and then plan or act.

Go to Section 5 of this guide to make a plan.

Remember there are lots of tools that can help you.

Preparing for Adulthood have information for young people and their families to help them plan for the future.

There is a Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Information, Advice and Support service (SENDIAS) in each Council area.

They give free advice to young people and families on issues including housing. Find your local one here

Together Matters

Resources to help people and their families understand choices and work towards their own home.

Life Begins at Home is a guide that can help families and professionals understand the housing choices open to young people as well as adults and their families.

You can contact Learning Disability England for a copy of this guide (info@LDEngland.org.uk) or find it at:


Planning Your House is a guide from the Challenging Behaviour Foundation. This resource has been developed to help families to work with others to plan the right housing for their relative.