LDE Annual Conference

Building Alliances – working together on our shared goals

Our conference this January 24th 2019 will focus on how alliances and partnerships are helping people achieve the changes they want.

The programme includes work on examples of how people and organisations are:

  • Working together on what matters to people with learning disabilities and their families including being part of their community, having relationships, getting a job
  • Developing alliances between self-advocacy, family led and workers to strengthen rights and people’s own voice through influencing together, checking quality and holding decision-makers to account
  • Working out how building and maintaining relationships is helping people tackle challenges or solutions when it feels like there are no other options

About the conference

We are back in Manchester, at the Friends’ Meeting House. We have also chosen a venue that regularly hosts large events so we can be confident it is accessible and can provide the services and rooms we need to make it work for everyone. To download complete venue information click here

The day will formally start at 11am and finish 5pm and there will be networking and coffee from 10am or up to 6pm. We hope this helps reduce peak hour travel costs for everyone and makes it possible for more people to join us.

We have improved the inclusivity of our conference, whilst delivering the same high-quality speakers and sessions for all our members.

Our Sponsors

This year we have amazing sponsors click here to find out more about them.

Our Exhibitors

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Our pop- up sessions

We offer four pop-up sessions for early arrivals from 10.15 to 10.45

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Our Speakers and Agenda

Our speakers include:

Kate Ansell – A filmmaker currently working as an assistant commissioner at the BBC

Louder Voices – a group of people with Learning Disabilities, family members and support workers who came together to learn about politics and influencing

Ray James – NHS England Director of Learning Disabilities

If you would like to know more about our agenda and excellent speakers click here

Our workshops

Our Workshops include:

TLAP – Members who have been part of developing and using the updated Making it real quality markers

Bill Love NDTi Director of Delivery and Impact – Commissioning

David Abbey / Graeme Jackson – Hold Housing we hold dear …

North West Confirm and Challenge members part of NWTDT – Co-Production

Community Catalyst – So What’s next Community connections

Trowers & Hamlins – Approaches to managing funding challenges

SeeAbility- How eye care aware are you?

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Conference places for LDE members are:

All LDE member organisations have one free ticket.

Additional tickets for member organisations: £100

Tickets for individual members or small group members £100

For unwaged members including individual members who are people with learning disabilities, or family carers there are places available at £45,

To find out about these options please contact Mariana at mariana.ortiz@LDEngland.org.uk.

We also offer 20 free places for people through a lottery that is only open to people with learning disabilities and family carers

All non member places costs £220