Learning Disability England Trustee and governance rules – our decision

Learning Disability England (LDE) has been asked questions about 1 of its Trustees and if they should be part of LDE’s governance because of things they have been involved in as part of their job.

You can read all about it and what LDE has done before, read the 10th October update.

The Representative Body and Trustees met this week and made a decision about Peter Kinsey as a Trustee as well as what we will do next to keep making how we work better.

You can read about this and what has happened since here

We will keep sharing our work on this and are interested to get feedback or answer any questions our members or other people have.

You can get in touch with Sam Clark if you want to talk about this or tell us anything.

Sam is on Samantha.clark@LDEngland.org.uk or 07823536603