Update from NHS England on the planning for the NHS 10 year plan

After a lot of different meetings and feedback, including the 7 events we helped NHS England organise, they have shared an update on what they are doing now. There is a short film and a presentation that explains what priorities they are working on and what will happen next.

The new NHS long-term plan for learning disability and autism – update from NHS England

We are really pleased that services for people with a learning disability and autistic people are a priority in the new 10 year NHS plan. Over the past month there have been lots of events run by NHS England and partners, so everyone can talk about what the priorities should be to improve the lives of people with a learning disability, people with autism and their families.  Learning Disability England ran 7 of these events up and down the country. As a result, we have enabled lots of discussions to take place about what the priorities should be.

NHS England is now writing the plan, informed by what people have told them are priorities – nothing has been finalised yet. We want to say a really big thank you to everybody who joined in and helped us all to think about the future. We want this thank you to reach as many people as possible, so National Learning Disability Director Ray James and Learning Disability and Autism advisor David Gill have made this short film, which will also tell you what is happening now and what will happen next – please watch it

To explain what has gone on and what we’ve heard, NHS England has also produced a set of slides about the long-term plan. You might want to use these in conversations as they are a handy way of presenting news about developing the long-term plan. The slides are available here.

If you would like NHS England to keep you up to date on what is happening with the NHS long term plan you can sign up to the

NHS England Learning Disability and Autism Forum for email updates about work at NHS England of interest to people with a learning disability, autism or both and families, carers and supporting organisations. Email engage@nhs.net to sign up.

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To view more information about Planning for the next 10 years of the NHS please click here