Keeping safe from Coronavirus for adults who have Down Syndrome

Date: 3/11/2020

The Chief Medical Officers from across the UK have said that adults who have Down’s syndrome are to be added to the group of people who are classed as clinically extremely vulnerable. This means that they have been classed as at higher risk for coronavirus.

People who are in the clinically extremely vulnerable group are advised to be extra careful in protecting themselves.

You can read more about the decision and what it means in this information from NHS England and the government by clicking here

The Easy read of the information on what this means is here

You can see some questions and answers on what it means to be clinically extremely vulnerable here

GPs will be getting in touch with patients who have Downs Syndrome over the next few weeks. They will talk to people about what this means for them.

There is an easy read letter that GPs will send to people. There is a copy of that letter here

You can read the letter that was sent to GPs telling them what to do here – read the letter.

If you do not hear from your GP in the next few weeks you should get in touch with them.

The Government will also be writing to care providers and letting them know what they will need to do. You can read that letter here.

From Thursday all people who are extremely clinically vulnerable are being advised to take extra care. This was called shielding

You can read about that government advice and what you might do if you are extremely clinically vulnerable here

The Downs Syndrome Association have information and resources for people with Down Syndrome and their families on their website here

These include

Sam’s video explaining what it means to be extremely clinically vulnerable

3 guides on

Staying Safe

Staying well and healthy

Supporting me to make a decision: a quick guide

They are also hosting a free seminar on Thursday (5 November) Supporting you to make decisions.