Housing and support

There are a lot of different ways to organise where you live and how you get support. 

They do not have to be from the same organisation.

Having a different landlord and support provider to give you more choice. 

You can have a personal budget to pay for your support or organise it with the council.

If your care is funded by the NHS, through Section 117 Aftercare or continuing healthcare, you can have a personal health budget to pay for this, or it can be organised through the NHS. If your care is funded by health and social care, then your council and the NHS will work together with you to plan and organise your care, and you can still request a personal budget / personal health budget.

In Control have information and fact sheets to help you make a support plan and learn about how you can organise your support.

You can work with a support provider organisation to plan the support you need in your home. 

This can be still controlled by you through an Individual Service Fund. This is where a provider manages your support and the money under an agreement with you.