You can rent a home from a council or local housing association

You normally have to put your name on the housing register at the Council to get this type of housing. 

Check with your local council to see what age you can register; it will be when you are either 16 or 18 years old. You will usually need to show you live locally already or have a reason for living in the area you are applying for.

Most applications will need to be made online, but you can contact them by phone or in person at the Housing Office or department. 

You will have to tell them about yourself, what your needs are now and how you are living. 

When you make an application, make sure you tell them about your disability because it can mean you may be prioritised for the right kinds of housing. It can take a while to get a home this way, so if you think you might like to rent from a council or housing association it is best to register as soon as possible even if you don’t want to move yet.

What happens after you apply will depend on your personal circumstances and your housing need; the person you speak to at the Housing Office will be able to tell you the next steps. 

Some Housing Associations have Supported Housing that is for people who need some help to live in their own home. 

There is often a different way to apply for Supported Housing than for the other housing that is open to everyone. 

You might be able to apply to both so ask what the choices are in your area.

Sometimes you have to look for the houses that are available on the internet.  This is sometimes called Choice Based Lettings. You can read about XX experience HERE

Remember: If you would like to live with a friend or partner, you can apply for this type of housing together.