A shared house as a stepping stone to your own place with support

Mark is 53 and his has own place for the first time. 

Four years ago, he was living with his mum and his brother.

When she got ill, Mark’s mum decided it was time to speak to the council and get Mark some support.

Mark moved into a shared house where he had his own room and cooking facilities. He had support three times a day and built his independence. His support helped him with things like washing, shopping, cooking and cleaning. He also had support to look after his money. 

Mark now has a flat of his own and has been living there for a couple of years. He still gets some support.  He also gets support from his brother and sister.

He loves having his own place and is really proud of his beautiful flat. He has lots of people he can call on and the option to be on his own when he wants it.

Mark’s brother Don says, “He looks after himself really. He gets help with forms and appointments and things. He is so happy, when he first saw his flat, he cried. It was lovely.”