Moving into a shared house

My mum and dad were supporting me to look for a new service for a long time.

They visited many services ran by a local support provider. They met Vicki at the one shared house and looked around the service.

My parents really loved what the service stood for and what they could offer me and were really eager for me to meet Vicki. 

Vicki then came to my previous service to meet me. We instantly got on and I felt an instant connection and I felt excited to work with her and go and see the service and meet the other people who lived there.

Vicki asked me about my future goals and what I want to achieve. No one asked me that before.

Vicki then gave me her idea of what the service could support me to achieve.

I was excited and really wanted to move in.

Vicki then said before I made a decision she would go back to the house and speak to the people who lived there then arrange me to visit and meet them.

I was invited for an afternoon tea I was nervous and anxious but excited as soon as I walked through the door the atmosphere was lovely and everyone was so lovely and excited for me to move in.

I arrived and was greeted by Vicki and some of my now house mates. 

I was so anxious but within minutes I was put at ease they were all so nice.

I also met some of the staff team. We had a great few hours, I knew this I where I wanted to move.

I spoke with Vicki who said she thought I should visit another couple of times before I made up my mind.

The second visit I had lunch and looked around my potential room. I loved it and really knew I wanted to live here I’d of moved in that day.

I told Vicki I had made a decision and we then arranged a meeting to arrange the transition for me to move in.

I moved my belongings in slowly and made the room my own.

I was supported each transition to build my support plan and health action plan.