Using Home Finder

Mark is a Keyring Community Enabler. Mark told us how he supported someone to bid on a home through their local council. Houses from the local council are often called social housing. 

In Mark’s local council he needed to use a system called Homefinder, which is an online system where people can say which houses they would like to be considered for.

It can take a long time to get a house as there are often lots of people waiting.  

Mark supported David to register on Homefinder. David needed some photo identification and an email address.

Mark also helped David to get some information that would help David show that he needed a new place to live. This helped ensure that David was given a higher band.  Bands help to decide who needs the house most.

David had a letter from his doctor to show that his current housing was affecting his mental health.

Every week David would use Mark’s computer to bid on properties.

When David found a property, Mark went with him to take a look around. David loved it.

Then they arranged to sign all the paperwork. 

Mark helped David to sort out his housing benefit, change his addresses and switch over all his bills like gas and electricity.

It was important that David trusted his removal company, so Mark got some recommendations for David.

On moving day, David had a separate box where he kept some essentials that he might need straight away. He had the kettle, a mug and some tea bags in it as well as his toaster and some bread.  

Four months on and David is settling into his new place. There are still lots of boxes to unpack but David is taking his time. He wants things to be just right. That’s fine, after all it is his place.