How has coronavirus affected people with higher support needs and their families?

We know that people with higher support needs as well as their families have been some of the people most affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

There has been some research done to hear about what life has been like for people with learning disabilities since the virus.

For example 12 universities across the UK have worked together on a joint study speaking to people with learning disabilities about their life stories over the past year.

You can find out more about that research here

But we wanted to hear more from people who have higher support needs and their families.

We know some families have felt they have struggled to get their experiences heard.

Tania Woodhouse, a self-advocate, spoke to Sarah Walker from PMLD Link, whose brother has a label of profound and multiple learning disabilities to see how she, her brother and the rest of her family have been managing since the pandemic started.

Tania also asks her about how things have changed for them since Freedom Day.

And what the government might do to help her and her family.