No more reports – time for action together, sharing power and expertise

“This is people’s lives …. being wasted whilst we wait for change” – Jordan Smith LDE self advocate representative

People with Learning Disabilities are still not treated as equal citizens. Another report tells us that people with Learning Disabilities are still dying younger.  And that some children and young people remain locked in Hospitals because there is nowhere else for them to go.

The Panorama programme on Wednesday 22nd May left us feeling  angry that this can still happen to people in 2019.

At Learning Disability England we know people with learning disabilities and autistic people are equal citizens, with the same rights as anyone else.

We want children, young people and adults with Learning Disabilities and Autism to be treated as human beings, with human rights.

No more reviews or reports – act now
Scott Watkin LDE organisations representative

Since the Panorama programme on the abuse at Winterbourne View in 2011, there have been national and local reviews, reports and improvement plans.

8 years later, there are too many people who do not have support to live a good life: a life that includes the things that matter to them like work, friends, family and a safe home.

At Learning Disability England we support the UN Convention on the rights of disabled people.  Article 19 is about living independently and being included in the community – it says there should be “equal right of all persons with disabilities to live in the community, with choices equal to others”

We want action to achieve equal rights and choices for everyone – based on the on the good work that already exists. Many of our members can share examples of that working.

“People need to know people with learning disabilities matter – there needs to be consequences for people who abuse them or failing services”
Wendy Burt LDE family member representative

We keep hearing of failings or abuse, but we are not clear that there is justice for the people affected or change in organisations involved.

Our members tell us that support needs to be there earlier. They tell us about the damage caused by help that does not arrive until someone is in crisis.

We know too that support staff need to be supported as well. When they are left unsure or unsupported, it is harder for them to do the right thing all the time.

We want services and support that respect and listen to people and their families, so that they help where and when they are needed.

What we are doing

Learning Disability England exists to work for change and bring together people and organisations to make a difference together.

We will keep taking action based on what our members tell us is important.

This includes

  1. Speaking up on what self advocate, family and organisation members tell us is important

We will share and support the campaigns and work of our members, partners and allies to support us all being a louder voice together (for example Rightful Lives, or Am I your problem? or The Being Heard in Government Group.)

We will ask questions of people and organisations that make policy or service decisions and hold them to account for what they do (for example when things go wrong.)

  1. Working with our members to help them lead change together

We will work with our members to solve problems or support new ways of working (example supporting  self advocacy groups in building a social movement)

We will challenge and support our organisational members to deliver their work based on rights and what people with Learning Disabilities say is important (for example we will look at action on the Driving Up Quality code again.)

  1. Working with policy makers to help and challenge connecting them to our members’ skills and expertise

We will keep a focus on what works led by the priorities of people with learning disabilities (for example how policy is implemented.)

About us

You can find out about Learning Disability England’s Representative Body members and what we do here

Please get in touch if you want to join us or talk about how we can work together for change

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