Renting a home from a private landlord or letting agent

There are advantages and disadvantages for renting a home from a private landlord or letting agent.

The advantages are:

  • This can give you more choice about where you live and the type of home. For example: House, flat, bungalow.
  • The wait is not usually too long.
  • There is usually a wider choice of housing available.

The disadvantages are:

  • The rents can be higher council housing and there is a deposit to be paid in advance.
  • Housing benefit may not pay the full amount to cover the rent.
  • The tenancy agreement may not let you stay long-term so it can be less secure.
  • It might not be easy to find a home that is already suitable for your needs.
  • Private landlords don’t have to give tenants as much help to adapt your home.
  • Some landlords do not look after their homes well.